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Similar to a confessions blog, Dragon Age Headcanons is here to take your personal head canon and share it with the world!

It can be anything about any character from any game, novel, the comics, or the side-shows, like Dawn of the Seeker. There is no wrong answer- it's your head canon!

You can use posts to talk meta, build your own headcanons for characters, snag some fanfic ideas, and discuss character motivation and backstory. Have fun!

The tag list has gone up, and is still being worked through and updated at this time. We'll also being having subject-specific headcanon times, which will all have a special tag and will be linked from the front page.

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Fenris is actually a rare type of mage. Only a few are ever born within a thousand years. The lyrium makes him like one of Shadowrun’s adepts.

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Also reminding you guys that we are taking Inquisition-related headcanons, which will all be tagged as “Inquisition Speculation” for blocking purposes.

Mages in Kinloch Hold get little fresh air, exercise and sunlight. Mages in the Gallows wish they didn’t - one can hardly call the air so close to Kirkwall fresh and their exercise (Templars getting them to run errands, stock shops, etc) tends to be excruciating. Some wear headdresses to avoid getting nasty sunburns or keep the cold wind at bay. But at least they get to laugh at the Templars getting as much fresh, windy, sun-filled exercise as them - in heavy plate armour and nice skirts.

Donnic and Aveline have a mage child. Now Aveline better understands what mage-Hawke was going through.

The Starks are the descendants of the Cousland family, just as the Lannisters are the Mac Tirs and Freys are the Howes.

The Starks are the descendants of the Cousland family, just as the Lannisters are the Mac Tirs and Freys are the Howes.






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The size of insects is proportional to the amount of oxygen. More oxygen=bigger insects. So maybe the reason spiders are so freaking huge is because the atmosphere is more oxygen-laden? And that’s why there are a crazy number of fires everywhere that seem to burn forever?

Dwarves have a 2or 3 month incubation period. How else can Felsi, Rica, and Gorim’s wife have babies in times described as less than 6 months by the devs?


This is the Official Cover Art according to Dragon Age’s Official Twitter Feed.

Asker Anonymous Asks:
but Rhys is Wynne's son, not Malcolm. Why was that posted?
dragonage-headcanons dragonage-headcanons Said:

A while back I asked if people were okay with posts that broke established canon. The response was yes, but it’d be nice if they were tagged in some way.

That post was tagged “notcanon” since yes, we do learn that Wynne’s son is Rhys. It’s possible the submitter has not read Asunder yet or even knew about it. Maybe they have read it and think it’s not true.