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Amell and Surana were romantically involved in their teens and unfortunately produced a child together, which was of course taken away. The emotional fallout of the event caused one parent to fail their Harrowing. The surviving mage either became the warden or died due to the events of the origin story (punished for helping Jowan or killed as a result of Uldred’s rebellion). If made a warden, Morrigan’s ritual is incredibly distressing to them.

Shortly after mage!Hawke’s battle with the Arishok, the Templars showed up at their estate. Champion or no, Meredith wasn’t about to let a known apostate run free around Kirkwall. Eventually a compromise was reached: Hawke remained free, but Meredith had a phylactery created so she could track them down if they ever stepped out of line.

Instead of killing him, f!Mahariel and the others at camp used the leftover Sacred Ashes of Andraste to cure Tamlen of the taint. After the defeat of the archdemon, he settled down with and married F!Mahariel.

Justice!Vengeance leaves Anders after he blows up the chantry, and goes to the next mortal with the greatest need for vengeance: Sebastian. That’s why Sebastian demands Anders’ death-Justice!Vengeance knows Anders will reveal him if he is kept alive.

The red candles people place at the foot of the large statue of Andraste in the Kirkwall Chantry are actually mourning votives, placed there by people who’ve lost friends and loved ones. You inscribe the name of your loved one on the side of the candle and then kneel and pray as it burns down. It’s an old tradition, possibly a little pagan,and not a lot of people remember/keep up with it and if you haven’t the time to wait for the candle to burn down,you can ask the brothers and sisters to do it.

Wynne seems to know a bit about the Joining because she was one of the mages that helped prepare it at Ostagar.

Wynne seems to know a bit about the Joining because she was one of the mages that helped prepare it at Ostagar.

Fenris is only attracted to humans.

All of the origins (Human Noble, Dalish, Dwarf Noble, etc) of Dragon Age: Origins actually take place, Duncan recruited them all at different times, yet only the origin you’re playing survives Ostagar, the rest perished in the battle.

When Carver was young, he used to graffiti penises all over Lothering.

Shale has glyphs and crystals in her golem form where she had freckles in her dwarf form.