Dragon Age Head Canons

We've all got them.

Similar to a confessions blog, Dragon Age Headcanons is here to take your personal head canon and share it with the world!

It can be anything about any character from any game, novel, the comics, or the side-shows, like Dawn of the Seeker. There is no wrong answer- it's your head canon!

You can use posts to talk meta, build your own headcanons for characters, snag some fanfic ideas, and discuss character motivation and backstory. Have fun!

The tag list has gone up, and is still being worked through and updated at this time. We'll also being having subject-specific headcanon times, which will all have a special tag and will be linked from the front page.

Got a headcanon? Just shoot me an ask! If you've got questions, check the FAQ to see if it's answered there. If not, go ahead and ask- I'll get to as soon as I can.
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The crazy apostate mage in the Brecilian Forest is First Enchanter Irving’s younger brother.

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